Prime Genetics, LLC (“Prime Genetics) is an agency that locates and matches human egg donors and surrogates with couples (intended parents) in need of those services. Our fertility specialists strive to identify responsible egg donors with those ideal genetic characteristics desired by our clients. We also strive to locate healthy and responsible surrogates that possess the proper temperament to serve and succeed in that role. It is our ultimate goal to make the process pleasant and wonderfully rewarding for everyone involved.

The basic requirements for an egg donor are that they are non-smokers, emotionally stable, responsible, bright and healthy and between the ages of 19-33. The basic requirements for a surrogate are that they are emotionally stable, responsible, in good health, a non-smoker, have had at least one successful pregnancy and are presently capable of carrying a child to term.

Prime Genetics aggressively markets for suitable egg donors and surrogates. We advertise in a variety of forums. We are continually updating our database to insure the broadest selection of quality egg donors and surrogate mothers. Prime Genetics pre-screens its egg donors and surrogates.