You need experts in fertility that you can trust to get through the processes and documentation required for surrogacy and egg donation. At Prime Genetics we only work with licensed, board certified medical doctors and PH. D. and LCSW level psychologists and social workers. Working with these fertility specialists ensures that we are working with qualified professionals that have proven results when it comes to caring for you. We are happy to work with your doctor if that is what you would prefer. If you are not sure where to go we are happy to provide the following list of professionals who we have worked with in the past.

Houston Based Medical Doctors   DFW Area Based Medical Doctors
• The Houston Fertility Institute   • Dallas IVF
• Houston Infertility Clinic   • Fort Worth Fertility
• North Houston Center for Reproductive Medicine   • Texas IVF
• The Center for Reproduction & Women’s Health Care   • Center For Assisted Reproduction Embryo
• Houston IVF   • IFV Plano
The Cooper Institute   • Fertility Specialists of Texas
Central Texas Area Based Medical Doctors   Psychologists and Social Workers
• Austin Endometriosis and Fertility Center, PA   • Kristen Chambliss, PH. D.
• UT Health Science Center   • Dr. Poonam Sharma PH. D.
• Perinatal & Fertility Specialists of San Antonio, PA   • Leslee Murphy, LCSW
• RMA of Texas   • Andrea Bryman, LMFT