The Egg Donation Process

Donor Screening & Consultation
The potential Egg Donor begins the process by completing the online application and submitting current and childhood photographs of themselves. Based on information contained within the application, the potential Egg Donor may be preliminarily accepted into the Egg Donor program. Not all applicants are accepted. An applicant that is not accepted should not feel rejected. Acceptance into the program is based on a variety of considerations, including the applicant’s own medical condition.

Once an applicant has been preliminarily selected, they will be contacted by a Prime Genetics’ representative. At some point, the applicant may be requested to submit various OB/Gyn records and other necessary medical records or undergo ultrasound or blood tests to insure that they are not suffering from any sexually transmitted or genetic diseases and that they are capable of producing viable eggs. Once the candidate has been identified by a couple seeking to utilize her services, the candidate will be required to undergo a psychological assessment.

Egg production
Once selected as a donor, the physician will prescribe hormonal therapy to stimulate the donor's ovaries to produce multiple eggs. The physician monitors the progress through blood tests and vaginal ultrasounds.

Egg Retrieval Process
This non-surgical procedure is normally performed by using intravenous (IV) sedation. The entire process takes less than an hour and is generally pain free.

Egg Fertilization and Transfer
After the egg retrieval, the embryologist fertilizes the donated eggs in the laboratory with sperm from the egg recipient's partner or donor sperm. The resulting embryos are then transferred to the uterus of the recipient.

Egg Donors Remain Anonymous
Once an Egg Donor has been accepted into the Egg Donor program, they will be issued a Prime Genetics user number. That user number will be used to list the Egg Donor’s photograph and profile information on Prime Genetics’ password-protected website. Although intended couples will be able to review the photographs and the profile information, the Egg Donor’s identity will remain anonymous. Similarly, the identity of the Intended Parents will remain anonymous from the Egg Donor.

Egg Donor Prescreening Process
For each prospective donor, Prime Genetics conducts an extensive non-medical pre-screening process. The process includes an interview of the candidate and the candidate's completion of a detailed application. The application contains questions concerning the Donor's background, education, health, family history and personality. The prospective Donor will also be requested to release current and childhood photographs of themselves. Only after a prospective Donor has been shown to possess the necessary characteristics will they be admitted to the egg donation program. Once admitted to the program, the prospective Donor may also be requested to release copies of college transcripts and standardized test scores. Prospective Donors admitted to the egg donation program will have their password protected profiles listed on Prime Genetics' website. Intended Parents wishing to review these profiles will be assigned a password for online viewing.